Tutorial Overview

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Basic Tutorials

Forms Controls and Layout

Tutorial which introduces some basic controls used to make a simple selector, and how to position them in order to produce a user-friendly interface.

Introduction to Expressions

An introduction to creating and linking expressions in BrightBuilder, and utilising the data source tree feature.


Create the basic foundation for information retrieval from databases.

Using the Database Object

This tutorial will expand on the use of expressions and demonstrate the simple adding, deleting and modifying of records in the database.


An introduction to a simple, yet powerful and versatile form control which can be used in a variety of applications.

Opening and Closing Forms

A short tutorial demonstrating the closing and opening of forms.

Data Binding

A short tutorial demonstrating basic data binding concepts.

Cursor Forms

Tutorial which describes the concepts behind a powerful and effective navigational feature of BrightBuilder; cursor forms.

Capturing a Signature

This tutorial will demonstrate the controls and methods used to create an area where customer signatures may be recorded, stored and retrieved.

Implementing Synchronisation

An introduction to the synchronisation engine in Bright products, detailing how to utilise and implement it in development of Bright applications.

Introducing BrightWeb

Step by step guide demonstrating how to create a self-contained mobile web application, deploy and release it to a BrightServer instance, then access it through any browser via BrightWeb.

Intermediate Tutorials

Dynamic Layouts in BrightBuilder Using Aspects

This tutorial describes how to a create form with multiple layouts, which are optimised for different resolutions and dynamically changing screen orientations, via BrightBuilder’s aspects.

Using App Settings

This tutorial shows how to create variables persisted between BrightForms instances.

Background Synchronisation

A guide outlining the key uses and differences of background synchronisation to other options available, and how to use this feature in Bright Software projects.

Using Online Queries

This tutorial will explain what an online query is, and explain its usage on client devices.

Using JDBC in Scripts

This tutorial will detail how to connect, query and update a database via JDBC through examples, allowing the flexibility of scripts to access data in any JDBC compliant database.

How to Use Online Scripts

This tutorial will explain how to utilise the flexible Online Script feature in the BrightXpress mobility suite.

How to Use Stored Procedures

This tutorial will explain how to set up, end-to-end, a database stored procedure call to the server from a client device.

How to Use Remote Procedure Calls

This tutorial will explain how to set up, end-to-end, a remote procedure call to the server from a client device.

Applications in BrightWeb

Demonstrate how to deploy and run an existing project in BrightWeb, factoring in considerations for an 'Always Connected' application.

Printing Reports

Details how to print and view reports in BrightForms.

How to Use Peripherals

Camera Tutorial

The Camera Demo project is a simple camera application. With this application you can capture photos and store them into a database.

Barcode Scanner Tutorial

The Camera Demo project is a simple barcode scanning application. With this application you can scan barcodes and store them into a database.

GPS Tutorial

The GPS Demo project is a simple application which allows you to capture GPS coordinates and store them into a database.

BrightServer Tutorials

Application Deployment in BrightServer

This tutorial demonstrates how to deploy an application to a BrightXpress server and release it to its users.

Synchronising From an SQL Database

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide demonstrating how to synchronise records from an SQL database.

Synchronising Scribble Data

This tutorial details how to synchronise and use scribble data captured from devices.

How to Deploy Platform Device Licenses

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide demonstrating how to deploy licenses on a BrightXpress server.

BrightXpress and ODBC Data Sources

Tutorial showing how to create a local ODBC data source in Windows, configure BrightXpress to access it, and how to test it with a simple BrightBuilder application

Running BrightServer in Linux

This tutorial will demonstrate how to setup and run the BrightXpress server on a Linux machine.

Installing BrightServer as a Windows Service

This tutorial will demonstrate the steps needed to install BrightXpress Server as a Windows service.

Custom PDF Generation on BrightServer

This tutorial provides and example BEP which, as an alternative to reports, generates PDF files server-side using the Apache FOP library.

Running External Processes on BrightServer

This tutorial demonstrates invoking processes on a BrightServer instance, utilising scripting methods.