Demo Application Overview

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Demo To Do Application

The To Do application allows the user to create a list of items with priorities. These records may be marked as completed on the device, with the most up to date list optionally able to be synchronised to the server.

Demo Messaging Application

The Messaging application is an application which implements a login screen which authorises a user, and then allows them to send messages to other users in the system. The application demonstrates the use of local database with queries and synchronisation, both via expressions and form controls.

Demo Job Allocator/Viewer

The Job Allocator application creates jobs with dummy tasks onto the server via BrightWeb. The Job Viewer application may then download these tasks, and complete them on the device. The combination of the two projects demonstrates a simple end to end system with both client and back-end components, developed in BrightBuilder.

Demo Customer Viewer

The Customer Viewer demo is a simple application which may be used to retrieve customer details from a server database for viewing on mobile devices.

Demo Expense Recorder

The Expense Recorder demo is a simple expense tracking application. The application allows users to record expenses on their mobile device and send them to a server database.

Demo Truck Inspector

The Truck Inspector demo details implementing a truck inspection record system, called Rent-A-Truck. With this application, inspections with markup may be made on devices by users, with the inspection records sent to a server database.