The Support section provides all the information that you need when evaluating, designing, developing, deploying and managing your enterprise mobility solutions using BrightXpress Mobility Suite. It provides all necessary resources for beginners as well as advanced users of the platform.

Getting Started

If you are new to BrightXpress Mobility Suite or you have just downloaded the platform and want to know where to start, then this section provides a good starting point.

How-To Videos

Here you will find various video demonstrations which will guide you through some of the basic steps in building your mobile applications. Also see how you can configure and access to backend data sources using BrightServer.


BrightXpress Mobility comes with a very rich feature set to simplify mobile application design, development, deployment and maintenance. This section provides a brief list of the features of BrightBuilder, BrightForms, BrightServer and their respective data sheets.


Browse a selection of applications to help you get started with the BrightXpress Mobility Suite.


Find a list of frequently asked questions.

Quick Tutorials

Browse through a selection of quick tutorials which cover a series of scenarios from basic application design to more specific device peripheral usage scenarios.


Navigate by topic or search through the Bright Mobility Suite User Manual. Last updated: 9 February 2023, Version 9.5.0

Customer and Partner Area

Purchase support and generate licenses for BrightXpress Mobility Suite.