BrightXpress is a complete set of software development tools for developers, both experienced and inexperienced, to create enterprise-grade mobile data collection apps in just days.

It comes with an easy-to-use app designer for laying out screens to match business workflows, native offline-capable mobile clients for capturing photos, location data, barcodes, signatures, and a powerful server product that helps integrating and mobilising business backend data to and from any mobile device. More…

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A Simplified mobile app development platform :

To create mobile business data collection apps in just days on all mobile platforms.


BrightBuilder Mobile Application Designer is all you need to create mobile apps. With its drag-and-drop form designer and simplified 4GL language, no previous programming experience is required to develop powerful mobile data collection apps.

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Deploy your cross platform apps to offline capable rich forms engine running on major mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. Take advantage of native hardware capabilities including camera, GPS, signature capture, barcode readers and more.

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Business data can easily be mobilised to mobile devices with BrightServer. BrightServer handles the communications with the remote field devices. With the built-in integration engine, data sent by mobile devices can easily be distributed back to business systems. With a full transactional built-in synchronisation engine and application distribution and update tools, mobile apps can easily integrate into any business system.

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I am not an experienced developer and need a simpler programming tool :

With the built-in BrightBuilder mobile app designer tool, you can create apps with minimal programming expertise.

I do not want to learn how to develop apps on every mobile platform :

BrightXpress offers a simplified, cross-platform, mobile programming environment to design, develop and deploy mobile apps and hides many of the complexities of mobile device programming.

I don’t want to maintain a separate development environment for each platform I want to support :

Using BrightXpress, none of this is necessary. You don’t need XCode on a Mac for iOS, or a special SDK for Android, or Visual Studio for Windows. BrightXpress can target all these platforms without the need for any additional software.

I want to focus on the core user requirements :

With many out-of-the-box features, the BrightXpress platform frees you from worrying about many of the details of mobile app development, and allows you to concentrate on creating the mobile solution that the users require.

I don’t have any skills to handle data integration with backoffice systems :

With the BrightXpress platform, reading and writing to and from relational databases and flat text files are few clicks away. With the drag and drop designer you can read from and write to relational databases or flat files with no coding. Complex server-side integration logic can also be written in JavaScript to integrate into legacy systems.

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Free to use. Up to 10 mobile workers.

Leverage the same powerful platform in a version tailored for smaller teams.

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