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Mobile App Builder

Business mobile apps in days
For non-programmers and experienced programmers alike
Smaller teams with tight timelines and budgets
Drag-and-drop designer for mobile forms and backend data integration No coding !
Data collection and management apps
No HTML skills
No Android or Java SDKs
No Apple XCode or iOS SDKs
No Visual Studio or Windows SDKs
No App Store submissions

Mobile Client

sales order taking

Fast, native, offline with local store
Barcode, camera, GPS, mobile printing, signature capture
Data synchronization and replication
Data push from server
Over-the-air app distribution and updates
Runs on all platforms and devices
Available on Android Google Play
Available on Apple App Store
Available on Windows Store
Available on Windows Phone Store

apple ios android windows 8 windows phone

Mobile Data Server

sales order taking

Mobile data collection and distribution gateway
Scalable to service thousands of mobile workers
Database and file integration via drag-and-drop in seconds
Built-in data synchronization engine
Data push to remote devices
Multiple apps on a single server instance
Complex business logic in JavaScript
Built-in real-time app update framework
Job system with advanced scheduling
Remote provisioning, management and monitoring
On-Premise or Cloud deployment options

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