Getting Started

BrightXpress is a flexible mobile data gateway designed to handle business mobility requirements. BrightXpress enables BrightForms powered mobile devices to connect with server-side data sources including powerful relational databases or files based data sources at the backend.

The following section in the User Manual is an introduction to the BrightXpress Mobility Suite, and explains the core concepts of project design and runtime states, and their relation to application development in the suite. It also contains a summary of various project elements, with sufficient information enabling readers to recognise key processes and procedures using the suite.



An introduction for non programmers. This is a quick tour of the Business Application Designer. Designed to introduce the basic building blocks including form dialog objects, connecting them to implement application form flows. Helps to familiarise users with the drag-and-drop app designer and configuration editors.

Advanced Users

An introduction to the BrightXpress platform for advanced users with a basic understanding of programming concepts. Helps to familiarise users with the various products in the platform for designing mobile applications in BrightBuilder, deploying them to mobile devices running BrightForms and configuring BrightServer.