BrightXpress Mobility comes with a very rich feature set to simplify the mobile application design, development, deployment and maintenance. Here is a brief list:

  • Flexible easy-to-use drag-and-drop mobile forms development environment
  • Simplified mobile device programming
  • Full application debugging with test-as-you-go tools
  • Built-in powerful data synchronization engine
  • Easy data integration to and from backend systems
  • Automatic application distribution and updates to remote field devices
  • Handling occasionally connected networks over limited bandwidths
  • Various operating modes (offline, occasionally connected, and always-on)
  • Built-in support for mobile peripherals including cameras, barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, GPS devices, mobile printers
  • Powerful server side scripting support for implementing server side business logic for easy integration into complex and legacy systems
  • Secure and scalable server middleware for handling thousands of remote users

System Requirements





BrightBuilder is the rapid application development tool for designing, building and deploying mobile enterprise applications. It provides a single point to design, implement, debug, test, and deploy applications. It employs a drag-and-drop methodology extensively for creating forms based rich applications by non-programmers. It helps to reduce the skill set and the application development effort drastically. Click below for the detailed data sheet.

Download BrightBuilder datasheet






BrightForms runs on the mobile devices. It is the front-end of mobile solutions providing a very rich user experience. It handles secure data synchronization to and from back office systems, application distribution and updates using Internet protocol over GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi, local LAN or cradle connections. With its local database, it allows mobile users to work offline and view and capture business data. It can also be configured to work in the always-on (“online”) mode to access and modify business data at back office business systems in real time. BrightForms handles a large variety of peripherals including barcode scanners, cameras, mobile printers, GPS devices, and magnetic card readers. Click below for the detailed data sheet.

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BrightServer is the mobile data server of BrightXpress Mobility Suite. It is the gateway between remote field mobile devices and back office systems. BrightServer provides a secure, reliable and robust interface between the field users and the backend business systems. With the built-in integration engine, it allows data exchange between back office systems via relational databases, flat text or XML files, web services etc. More complex integration, data collection and distributions tasks can be implemented by using the powerful server side scripting. Its built-in synchronization engine detects and transmits only the compressed changed data to the mobile devices in the field. The application distribution mechanism allows seamless push of application changes to the remote devices. Click below for the detailed data sheet.

Download BrightServer datasheet

With the BrightWeb™ add-on, browser based front-end mobile web solutions can be developed. BrightWeb™ runs within the BrightServer™ infrastructure and renders mobile web applications through browsers on the remote field devices. Using the familiar tools provided by BrightBuilder™, mobile web applications are developed and deployed to BrightServer™. No HTML or JavaScript coding is required. BrightWeb™ generates the necessary HTML pages and JavaScript code at runtime to render mobile forms on remote devices. It allows mobile applications to work on any device and on any platform within a browser that supports HTML 4.01/HTML5/JavaScript. Click below for the detailed data sheet.

Download BrightWeb datasheet