Welcome to the BrightXpress Mobility Suite

Developed by Bright Software, BrightXpress Mobility Suite is a re-usable platform that enables the rapid design, development, deployment and maintenance of mobility applications for all business units within the organization.

BrightXpress Mobility Suite comprises of BrightForms™ Mobile Device Engine, BrightBuilder™ Mobile Application Designer and BrightServer™ Mobile Data Gateway. It is one of the leading software development platforms for creating end-to-end enterprise mobile solutions.  BrightXpress Mobility Suite comes with all the essential components to simplify the mobile application design, development and deployment.

If you're just getting started, the sections below detail overall concepts, together with common use cases and simple applications to provide an overview of the power and flexibility of the platform.

Getting Started

If you are new to BrightXpress Mobility Suite or you have just downloaded the platform and want to know where to start, then this section provides a good starting point.


Browse through a selection of quick tutorials which cover a series of scenarios from basic application design to more specific device peripheral usage scenarios.

Demo Applications

These simple demo applications provide an excellent introduction to mobile application development. They come with a step by step guide and the complete project files for you download and experiment with the platform.

The sections below thoroughly details the functionality of each component in the BrightXpress Mobility Suite, detailing how to define, configure and run each product for both developers and end users.


BrightBuilder™ Mobile Application Designer is the easy-to-use integrated application development environment and mobile application management console.

These chapters detail how to use the builder tool to implement components of projects deployed and run on the BrightForms mobile engine.


BrightForms™ is a multiplatform mobile device engine providing rich application functionality by integrating into barcode readers, GPS, mobile printers, camera etc.

This section of the document details how to configure this application across multiple platforms, and explores design concepts of the engine.


BrightServer™ is the middleware product handling the field device connectivity into various backend systems with built-in data synchronisation and integration engines as well as built-in application distribution and update facilities.

These topics will cover how to configure BrightServer via BrightBuilder, both at design time and run time.

Finally, a reference of available methods, interfaces and other notes are detailed in the sections below.

Object Reference

This is a comprehensive listing of object methods which may be used in BrightBuidler expressions to be called by BrightForms.


This chapter contains a collection of additional topics which may be useful when developing applications running on the BrightXpress Mobility Suite.